Crew rental

Attractive foreign manpower rental, hourly or at a fixed rate for the project

We supply foreign craftsmen for industrial projects – electricians, smiths and welders.

The advantage we offer your company is that we arrange all the practical details, including selecting relevant resources and dealing with certification, travel, accommodation, local registrations and legal requirements.

Security for your company

As already mentioned, we ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. This is particularly true with regard to reporting and taxation of payroll etc., thanks to our ongoing contact with specialists in these areas. Your company can feel completely safe by choosing Work4s as your supplier, whether hiring a crew by the hour or for a fixed-price project.

Let us have a detailed discussion of your requirements so you can focus on the actual project.

Want to find out more?

If you cannot find all the information you need for your own project here on our website, you are always more than welcome to get in touch for a no-strings chat, or to ask us to make you an offer.

Give us a call on (+45) 53 66 68 00, or send us an email at We will reply to your enquiry as quickly as we can.

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