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Please reach out to a relevant contact from our website directly.

Close dialogue

Needs and requirements can vary, so we always engage in a close initial dialogue with you about your exact project. This ensures that we avoid misunderstandings and can find the best way to bring your project to its end goal, with a customised solution. You can always feel secure when leaving your project in our hands. We will keep you updated through the entire process.

Focus on quality and service

We never compromise on either quality or service once we have started work. We follow all jobs to 100% completion and make it a top priority to stick to all agreements, from pricing to deadlines.

Choosing us as your partner means that you can also rely on the work being done by competent employees. We do all that we can to ensure that you have a positive experience.



Dennis Olsen
Managing Director, – Sales
Tel: +45 27 60 56 60
Email: deno@work4s.dk

Brian Olsen
Project Manager
Tel: +45 40 22 56 60
Email: bro@work4s.dk

Rikke Thomsen
HR, – Administration
Tel: +45 31 38 51 73
Email: rith@work4s.dk

Lone Salbo Olsen
Email: los@work4s.dk

Henrik Thygesen
Senior Consultant
Tel: +45 31 75 79 31
Email: hent@work4s.dk

Want to find out more?

If you cannot find all the information you need for your own project here on our website, you are always more than welcome to get in touch for a no-strings chat, or to ask us to make you an offer.

Give us a call on (+45) 53 66 68 00, or send us an email at Info@work4s.dk. We will reply to your enquiry as quickly as we can.

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